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Your Risk and the Insurance Company’s Risk

When you pay your insurance premiums month after month, it might start to feel like you are just giving money away for no good reason. And if you’ve ever had a claim denied because the damage to your property was no higher than your deductible, you might really feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick.


Do you need health insurance?

When it comes to the health insurance debate, there are so many different points of view out there that coming to a unanimous agreement about anything is next to impossible.


Life Insurance Underwriting: The Motor Vehicle Report

Understanding your current health and recent health history isn’t always enough for underwriters. Sometimes, they want to find out about your habits and personality also. They do this because the way that you act and react can play a part in how dangerous your day to day life is and how likely you are to suffer an untimely death because of your actions. One way that they determine this aspect of your risk is by pulling your motor vehicle report (MVR).


What You Need to Know Before Insuring Your Teen Driver

Getting an auto insurance quote to obtain auto insurance to cover your teen is a no brainer – after all, who wants their new driver to be out there without the benefit of insurance? But there are a few things that you should know before you get an auto insurance quote on your teen so you can save yourself a little dough.


Home Insurance Underwriting: Location, Location, Location!

Whenever you work with a real estate agent to by a new home, townhouse or condo, there is one real estate truism that consistently bursts out their lips: Location, location, location! From the real estate agent’s point of view, the location of your home is the most important aspect to consider when buying because everything else about your home can be changed.


How Changes in Your Home Affect Your Home Insurance

Your home is not just a residence-it’s an investment that can make you a profit in several different ways. By selling your home at a higher price than you paid for it or by repurposing your home into a money-making building, you could turn your home into cash. But if you make these changes without getting a proper home insurance quote, you could be in for trouble.


What to Expect During Your Paramedical Exam

When you are buying either term or whole life insurance you may be asked to go through a medical exam as part of the underwriting process. This is not necessary for most young people taking out small policies, but for applicants in their 40s and 50s who want more than $100,000 in coverage it is likely you will at least need a paramedical exam. A paramedical exam is usually completed at your home or office by a licensed medical professional hired by the insurance company.


Three Steps to Safer Holiday Travel

The holidays are often a time of big meals, family gatherings and increased driving. With all the drivers out on the road and all the additional time spent behind the wheel, your risk of being involved in a car accident increases dramatically. Add to this the fact that many drivers experience new distractions and driving territory that their solitary trip to work each morning does not generally include and you get a recipe for disaster.


Protecting Your Most Valued Investment

When you look over your life, the odds are that buying a home will prove to be the single biggest investment you’ll make. As a homeowner, you need to protect the money you have tied up in that dwelling and the personal property it contains. Your first action in protecting these hard-earned assets is to get home insurance quotes.