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Flustered About Auto Insurance?

Alright, I admit it. Auto insurance is enough to cause anybody to get a little pink in the cheeks. Insurance can get downright confusing, as there are many different variables within the policies as well as your driving record and circumstances, that will determine which type of insurance fits you best.


Home Insurance Classes

To determine what kind of perils or incidents are covered by your home insurance policy, your insurance company assigns a set class to your policy. The various classes that could be assigned range from class HO1 to HO6, and each one has a different set of incidents that are considered insurable. Following is a general guide to these classes. For specific information about your policy, be sure to check with your insurance company.


Catastrophic Insurance Coverage

Health insurance doesn’t have to be about a full, comprehensive policy. Sometimes, a policy that covers the possibility of an accident or major surgery is all that we really need. With catastrophic insurance coverage you can get this important coverage without the high premiums sometimes associated with regular health insurance policies.


What is HIPAA?

One of the acronyms that has been bandied around since the health insurance regulation has passed is HIPAA. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, an act that protects the privacy of health insurance consumers in a digital age and allows them some guarantee of insurance renewability if they are unable to replace their group insurance plan.


Health Insurance for the Self Employed

When you work for a traditional employer, there are some perks. There is vacation days, sick days, access to corporate training events, educational reimbursement, and of course, group health insurance. Group health insurance offered by traditional employers has many benefits. There is no individual underwriting so if you have pre-existing conditions you won’t be denied coverage (although they can impose waiting limits and exclusions for limited periods of time).


Insuring Your Home Business

With unemployment rates reaching an all time high and economic recovery that brings in new jobs slow to appear, freelancing and working from home are becoming more and more popular among the recently laid off.


COBRA Coverage Explained

COBRA is the acronym for a health insurance portability act signed into law during the 1990′s. Thanks to COBRA, if you leave an employer who is providing your group health insurance coverage, you can keep the coverage for 18-36 months even though you no longer really qualify for the group coverage since you are not a member of the group.


Auto Insurance Requirements by State

When you are out driving your car on the busy roads of your state, you are a risk to every other driver out there. No matter how well you drive, how careful you are behind the wheel, or how often you obey traffic laws, you are a risk.


HMO-The Full Story

When you are searching for low cost health insurance an HMO plan is likely to come across your radar. HMOs, or health maintenance organization plans, offer some of the lowest cost full coverage insurance benefits but they have certain drawbacks.


Home Insurance Contents Coverage

When people think of home insurance, they often picture the actual structure of their home and nothing else. This leads many individuals to purchase insurance for their dwelling but not for all the contents they have within their home.


Health Insurance Terminology

You cannot be sure that you’ve gotten the best health insurance coverage unless you understand health insurance terminology. Here are some of the most commonly used terms in the health insurance industry.


Car Insurance Coverage Options

When you get car insurance quotes there are many different car insurance coverage options you must consider. These will vary depending on your state of residence, age, car and financial situation. Some of the options are outlined below.


Understanding Health Insurance Reform

The new healthcare reform bill will completely change how health insurance works in the United States by 2014. Here are just a few highlights:


Bundling Coverage

People are always looking for ways to save money on different types of insurance coverage. One of the most popular ways to save a little bit of green on your insurance premiums each month is to bundle your insurance coverage. Whether you are looking for home insurance quotes, auto insurance quotes, or life insurance quotes, chances are you will find much cheaper rates when you get all these policies with just one company than you will if you choose a different company for each insurance product. This process is called bundling insurance coverage.


What is A High-Risk Health Pool?

Thanks to the new healthcare reform bill, high-risk health insurance pools will be opening up state by state. Because people with pre-existing health conditions are riskier to insure (because they already have health issues and are guaranteed to cost the health insurance company money) many of them do not have health insurance policies.


What is Happening in Wisconsin?

As you look across the US, you will find that all but three states have laws setting mandatory insurance levels for the vehicles on the road. Almost without exception, all these states also have laws making it a crime to drive a vehicle on a public road without a valid policy in-force.


Choosing the Right Auto Insurance Company

When you are searching for auto insurance rates, finding cheap auto insurance often becomes your sole focus. But you need to do some research on the insurance companies you consider doing business with before committing to the first cheap auto insurance rate you find because if the company insuring your car is not financially sound, they may not be there to pay your claims when you need them. And even if you buy cheap auto insurance from a financially sound company, that doesn’t mean the insurance policy is right for you.


The Importance of Comparing Auto Insurance Rates

If you were to go shopping for an expensive new pair of boots, chances are you would not just run into a store and grab the first pair you see. Expensive boots are an item you want to carefully invest in and rely on for years to come and that means that their purchase requires some research and comparison shopping. You might compare the merits of leather and suede against manmade materials or compare care instructions and you would definitely look around and compare prices to make sure you got the best deal. So why should shopping for auto insurance rates be any different?


Is the Auto Insurance Market in Trouble?

There is no question that the world economy is in the throes of a difficult credit crunch and combined with rising commodity prices, consumer confidence is crumbling. This is having a severe affect on the auto insurance market which depends on a number of factors, like the number of vehicles sold, for its profits.