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It’s Time To Stop Bashing Life Insurance Coverage! Have You Got A Better Solution?

I was always taught that looking for the positive in every situation should be your only option. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘Turn that frown upside-down!’
This sounds great but often it’s rather difficult to do, especially for me.


Don’t Screw Up Your Life Insurance!

Nobody wants to ever think that they’re going to die. The ‘not-so-funny’ thing is, that’s the only thing we all have in common.

Hopefully though, it’s after you have lived a long healthy life. Regardless, it is important to make sure you get adequate life insurance to protect you and your family in case something happens to you. Or maybe you have just purchased a home and want it to be covered.


The Case for Term Life

When you go shopping for life insurance, two of the words you will hear often are permanent and term. These two words discuss two different types of life insurance policies. Permanent insurance is a life insurance policy that is designed to cover you for the rest of your life, as long as you continue to make your premium payments. Term insurance is a policy that covers you only for a certain number of years, and only as long as premium payments are made during that time. Today, we are going to discuss the strong point of term policies.


Do You Need a Trust?

Estate planning is a tricky topic that almost no one, except estate planners, likes to talk about. But it is an important topic and, unfortunately, death is something that’s going to happen to all of us whether we talk about it or not, so it’s best to just face up to it and be prepared.


Do You Need Life Insurance after Retirement?

After retirement, most people want to kick back, relax and enjoy the good life that they worked so hard to get during their working years. Because retirement savings are fixed, and expenses are variable not to mention unpredictable since no one knows for sure what their life expectancy is, this means that many individuals work really hard to reduce post-retirement expenses.


Is Phone Insurance more Vital than Life Insurance?

We spend a lot of time on Twitter (follow us @inseducation). Naturally, since we like to talk about insurance, we tend to search for the word insurance on Twitter and check out what everyone is talking about day to day, and see if we can send links to any articles that might help encourage insurance education.


5 Things Every Life Insurance Policy Holder Needs to Do Now

You may feel like a great weight has been lifted off your chest once you buy your life insurance policy, but there are still some things you should consider taking care of once the policy is purchased.


What Your Life insurance Policy Does – And Doesn’t – Cover

This week, after the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, many people were surprised to find that their travel insurance policies will not reimburse their trips because they were cancelled due to concerns of radiation contamination. Some are crying foul, but chances are if they read their travel insurance policy, they would find that these events – while unlikely to even occur – were included in a list of excluded incidents.


Increasing Life Insurance Policy Death Benefit

Financial planner Neal Frankle wrote a post this week on the blog, about how surprised he was to find while updating his financial plan, that he did not have enough life insurance coverage and actually needed to buy more.


Are You Ready to Surrender?

Life insurance policies often have a value beyond their death benefit. Whole (or permanent) policies also accrue something called cash value. A policy’s cash value is the accumulation of premium that is paid over the policy’s cost of insurance. These cash reserves accrue and gain interest and can be borrowed against.


Do You Need a Contingent Beneficiary?

When you take out a life insurance policy, you need to decide who will get the policy proceeds (or death benefit) when you pass away. Many people make the mistake of leaving the beneficiary elections blank, which means that their death benefit must go to their estate and, therefore, through probate – often a long process. When you name the beneficiary of your policy instead of leaving that choice blank, the death benefit can be paid out immediately allowing your heirs the immediate use of much-needed money.


Ensuring Your Legacy with Life Insurance

If you have children or grandchildren, then you are probably concerned with making sure that you leave a legacy after your death. Whether you want that legacy to pay for the education of your descendants or to help them improve their quality of life, making sure that the assets you worked so hard for during life actually amount to a meaningful change in the lives of your heirs is likely a priority.


Life Insurance for Your Business

We all know how important life insurance is for your family. It not only pays your funeral expenses – taking that burden off your family – but it also replaces your income, pays off your family’s debt, pays for college funds and counseling, and can even supplement your spouse’s retirement plan contributions. But what about your business? How can a life insurance policy help your business after you or an important employee have passed on?


How to Prepare for Life Insurance Underwriting

When you apply for a life insurance policy to protect your family and their assets after your death, your health and lifestyle will be scrutinized by life insurance underwriters in order for them to determine what kind of risk you will present to the insurance company once you are insured. It is this risk, and the resulting likelihood of death, that will determine whether or not your life insurance policy can be issued, whether the death benefit can be immediate or needs to be graded, and how much your premium will be.


The Benefits of Paying Your Premiums Annually

Every year, each of us gets a choice to either pay our insurance premiums by month, quarter, or year. Whether it is your life insurance policy, auto insurance policy, or home insurance policy – you get that bill every year with a large amount to pay in full, or itty bitty amounts to pay monthly.


Talking about Life Insurance with Your Partner

Last week, we sent out a link on our Twitter account (Are you following us, @InsuranceHits? Please do, we look forward to talking with you!) to an article that noted that 74 percent of couples rarely, or even never, talk about life insurance. You can read the study results here.


Life Insurance Policies and Retirement

If you’ve met with a financial planner lately, you may have been told to purchase a whole life insurance policy – the kind of policy that grows cash values. These types of policies can have a place in your retirement plan, but you need to be careful just how you utilize them. Here is a list of pros and cons to their use in your plan.


What Happens if Your Life Insurer Goes Under?

One of the biggest fears that life insurance customers have is that their insurance company will go bankrupt before they can pay out the death benefit they’ve promised. It makes sense to be afraid – life insurance policies can be issued and be in-force for 50 years before the death benefit needs to be paid out. And who can guarantee that an insurance company will still be in business then?


Life Insurance Underwriting: The Motor Vehicle Report