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Commercial Auto Insurance and Personal Auto Insurance

When you get an auto insurance quote, it is a good idea to determine ahead of time whether or not you need a personal auto insurance policy or a commercial auto insurance policy. These two types of policies may not be interchangeable, and having the wrong one for the type of vehicle you own and the kind of driving you do could result in claims being denied and you having to dip into personal savings to pay for accidents or injury.


Tips for Working with Customer Service

There will come a time when you need to contact the customer service department of your health insurance company, whether it is because you have a question about what your policy covers or because you need a precertification for a medical procedure. But having all your ducks in a row before you call is a good idea because it will help your phone call go smoother and ensure that you get the information you need in just one phone call – because calling an insurance company 2 or more times in one day probably isn’t on anyone’s list of fun activities.


Who should be Your Policy’s Owner

As if there isn’t enough to think about when you take out a life insurance policy, you also have to think about whom you are going to name as owner because you don’t have to be the owner of your policy, you simply have to be the insured.


What Home Insurance doesn’t Cover

You have home insurance.

You’ve read the policy and you know you can afford the deductible.

You know what your home and property are worth, so you know that the limits on the policy are acceptable.

You can afford the premium and you have already paid the policy up for the entire year.

You are safe and your family is protected.

Or is it?

Often, policyholders don’t realize that having a home insurance policy alone is not enough to actually protect their home and possessions from all the perils they face. Why? Because home insurance policies do not cover certain perils like earthquakes, landslides and floods.

In order to ensure you have coverage in the event that a natural body of water overflows and floods your home, or an earthquake occurs and shatters your home’s foundation, or a landslide ruins the walls, windows and security of your home, you need to either cover these perils through an additional insurance policy or talk to your agent about having additional coverages added to your home insurance policy in order to give a wider range of protections.

But in addition to the uncovered perils listed above, you may also need additional coverage for other small things that you might not even have considered – and that your policy doesn’t necessarily point out as missing. Like debris removal for taking out fallen trees and other debris after a hurricane, collapse and sinkhole damage coverage, insurance for building additions and more.

If you aren’t sure what your policy doesn’t cover, and reading the policy doesn’t help you understand, then you should call your insurance company. They will be able to explain to you the perils covered based on your insurance policy class. And if you are just now getting insurance quotes for rates on a home insurance policy, then be sure to consider including these coverages in your quote request.


Is it better to buy insurance or save money?

Many people, when looking for health insurance quotes or other types of insurance premium pricing information, begin to feel like they would be better off just saving their money rather than sending it to an insurance company to make a premium payment. They often feel this way because they think that the likelihood that they will actually use the insurance that they are paying for is low, so they will spend all this money on premiums and then have nothing to show for it, which leads many individuals to decide that it would be better save their money and put it into an interest-bearing account and forgo the insurance policy.


Umbrella Insurance

Your auto insurance policy has a limit. So does your home insurance policy. Limits may sound confining because they limit the insurance company’s liability in claims that affect your car or home, but they also benefit you because they limit your premium. After all, if you had unlimited liability from the insurance company, the premiums they would have to charge in order to stay in business would be outrageous. But some individuals want a little extra insurance – more than their regular insurance policies offer. Those individuals can choose to add an umbrella policy to their insurance arsenal.


The Benefits of Paying Your Premiums Annually

Every year, each of us gets a choice to either pay our insurance premiums by month, quarter, or year. Whether it is your life insurance policy, auto insurance policy, or home insurance policy – you get that bill every year with a large amount to pay in full, or itty bitty amounts to pay monthly.


Life Insurance Policies and Retirement

If you’ve met with a financial planner lately, you may have been told to purchase a whole life insurance policy – the kind of policy that grows cash values. These types of policies can have a place in your retirement plan, but you need to be careful just how you utilize them. Here is a list of pros and cons to their use in your plan.


Home Insurance Classes

To determine what kind of perils or incidents are covered by your home insurance policy, your insurance company assigns a set class to your policy. The various classes that could be assigned range from class HO1 to HO6, and each one has a different set of incidents that are considered insurable. Following is a general guide to these classes. For specific information about your policy, be sure to check with your insurance company.


Bed Bugs and Homeowners Insurance

In case you haven’t heard, bedbugs are making a resurgence. And unlike other bug infestations, bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. Because these insects are insidious, families can spend as much as $5,000 getting rid of just one infestation, and may need to replace furniture and linens on top of that.


Catastrophic Insurance Coverage

Health insurance doesn’t have to be about a full, comprehensive policy. Sometimes, a policy that covers the possibility of an accident or major surgery is all that we really need. With catastrophic insurance coverage you can get this important coverage without the high premiums sometimes associated with regular health insurance policies.


What is HIPAA?

One of the acronyms that has been bandied around since the health insurance regulation has passed is HIPAA. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, an act that protects the privacy of health insurance consumers in a digital age and allows them some guarantee of insurance renewability if they are unable to replace their group insurance plan.


Specialty Auto Insurance Coverage

Not every car can be covered with the same, basic insurance policy. Some cars, like vintage or collectible models, require special insurance coverage. You must factor this difference in before you get an auto insurance quote so that you can get the right insurance policy for your vehicle.


PPO-What Your Didn’t Know

There are two major types of health insurance that consumers can choose from, a PPO plan or an HMO plan and you’ll run into both of these when you get your health insurance quote. Today we are going to talk about the PPO plan.


Life Insurance Death Benefits by Life Stage

No matter how you look at it, there is no easy way to determine how much life insurance you need to carry. In reality, there is no wrong number; there are simply numbers that would pay off all your debt and keep your family comfortable and other numbers that might just pay for your burial and not give your family anything. But the amount of life insurance coverage you want to consider could depend on your stage in life.


Considerations in Auto Insurance Underwriting

When your auto insurance policy is underwritten, your insurance underwriter attempts to figure out whether or not you should be approved for the policy, what you should be charged and if there should be any special amendments to your policy.


Equity Indexed Life Insurance

Whole (or permanent) life insurance policies are more than meet the eye. Sure they offer a death benefit that caries through the rest of your life as long as you pay your premium and keep the policy in force, but more than that they offer an additional benefit of premiums accruing into something called cash values.


Health Insurance Terminology

You cannot be sure that you’ve gotten the best health insurance coverage unless you understand health insurance terminology. Here are some of the most commonly used terms in the health insurance industry.


Is Group Insurance Enough?

When you are shopping for a health insurance quote one of the things you might consider is a group health insurance policy. But you should know that there are many drawbacks to group health insurance policies that can adversely affect you and your family.


Can Your Insurance Company Afford Your Claim?

Choosing an auto insurance policy is often considered to be all about the price of the policy. Sure you want the best coverage you can, and you want to be sure that you will get reimbursed for the types of accidents that are likely to happen to you, and absolutely you want to have the cheapest policy you can get, but what about choosing an auto insurance company that can actually afford to pay your claims?


Pets and your Home Insurance Rate

There’s one sneaking, creeping, crawling, biting, whimpering consideration you have probably not made when looking into your home insurance quote, and that is the impact that your pet might have on your home insurance quote. You see, depending on the type of pet you have, you may find that the price of your home insurance rates are affected by the furry little beast you call family.


Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance might sound like a policy that covers more than just your life, but in reality, universal life insurance is simply a life insurance policy that offers a death benefit as well as the option for cash value accumulation. With universal life insurance, you have a varying premium that you can pay.


Whole Life Insurance Policies

One of the most basic and popular types of life insurance policies available is the whole life insurance policy. Whole life insurance policies pay out a death benefit over your entire life, unlike term policies which only pay for a certain period of time. In addition, they accrue cash values.


Your Health versus Insurance Rates

Your current and past health history is the most important consideration to a health insurer’s underwriting department when determining what to charge you for your policy and whether or not to issue a policy at all. That means that the illnesses you have suffered, injuries you have endured and medications you are taking will affect your health insurance quotes. But why should your health affect the rates for your health insurance policy?


Term Life Insurance

If you have been comparing life insurance rates then chances are good that you have looked at term life insurance. Term life insurance is a terrific product for people who:

  1. Need a high dollar death benefit with a low dollar premium.
  2. Need a temporarily high amount of life insurance death benefit.
  3. Need a gradually decreasing amount of life insurance.
  4. Need a simple, small burial policy.


Variable Life Insurance

One of the more popular forms of life insurance out there is variable life insurance. But why is this complex form of life insurance gaining such popularity, and how can it benefit your financial foundation?


Life Insurance Riders, Part 3: Additional Insured Riders

Your life insurance policy doesn’t have to just cover you. In fact, you can simplify your life and budget by adding family coverage riders to your life insurance policy. These riders provide affordable coverage for your spouse and children.


Life Insurance Riders, Part 2: Premium Riders

There are many life insurance riders that can affect your premium. Some provide you with a return of your premium while others waive your premiums during a time of disability. These premium riders can be a real insurance policy saver and add additional values that many consumers love.


Life Insurance Riders, Part 1: Additional Benefit Riders

A life insurance policy is not as straight forward a product as you might think. In fact, you can build a life insurance policy that adds additional benefit beyond the death benefit paid upon death of the policy holder. These additional benefits come in the form of riders, which are additional contracts that can be tacked on to a life insurance policy.


Life Insurance Terminology

One of the most confusing aspects of shopping for life insurance lies in trying to understand all the terminology used in the industry. Agents tend to talk to clients as if they already understand terms like lapse, rider and cash value and consumers often don’t want to admit that they aren’t exactly sure what these terms mean. Following are some of the most commonly used terms in the industry to help make your search for life insurance a little bit easier.


Make Processing Health Insurance Claims Easier

There is nothing more frightening in the real world than getting a bill for a health service that you thought would be covered by your health insurance policy but isn’t. Different than your standard Certificate of Benefits (COB) a bill is an actual request for payment from a service that is either not covered under the details of your health insurance policy or will not be covered simply because you didn’t follow some procedure correctly. Luckily, there are many ways you can avoid facing this bill:


Dwelling versus Other Structures

If you pick up your home insurance policy some lazy Sunday or if you get a home insurance quote then you will notice you can get home insurance on both your dwelling and on your “other structures.” Typically in a home insurance policy, other structures refers to any building or structure that does not share a foundation with your home.


What is Premium Financing?

If you can’t afford to buy life insurance there could be another way for you to get it-and that is through premium financing. In a premium financing arrangement, you are loaned the annual premium costs and the collateral on the loan is a stake in your life insurance death benefit proceeds.


Insurance for the Used Car

One of the things you should factor into the online auto insurance quote you receive is the type of car you drive. The age, condition, Kelley Blue Book value and replacement costs should all be considered.


Understanding Life Settlements

Life insurance policies can have many different types of value added aspects. They have the death benefit, the possibility of cash value accumulation, and accelerated benefit and other riders. But there’s one more benefit that life insurance policies offer, an asset that you can sell to another investor.


Understanding Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) were introduced in 2003 by President Bush who was, at the time, looking for ways to improve and modernize the healthcare options available. There has been some controversy over the value of HSAs to the average citizen and the most recent statistics suggest that the take-up has been low and is limited to the more wealthy taxpayers. Let’s see how the HSA is designed to work and then discuss whether an HSA might be the right solution to your health insurance problems.


Understanding the Difference between Term and Permanent Insurance

Before you start off on your quest to buy a life insurance policy and begin searching for online quotes, you need to understand the difference between term insurance and permanent (or “whole life”) insurance. While the terminology may seem foreign to you now, the differences are actually very easy to understand.


How to Buy Life Insurance

Your life insurance death benefit proceeds have a very important responsibility: to replace the money you would have earned had you lived. It also has to provide certain guarantees to your family-the guarantee that your kids can go to college and the guarantee that your family isn’t going to be thrown out of the home they love. This is understandably an overwhelming thought and can make the purchase of a life insurance policy very intimidating. Here are 3 easy steps to help you start the process.


Do Young People Need Life Insurance?

When you are in your early twenties, your life often revolves around climbing up the corporate ladder during the weekdays and partying on the weekends. During those years, when death seems like such a far away notion, the thought of life insurance coverage and comparing life insurance quotes is probably not in the forefront of your mind. Unfortunately, not buying life insurance while you are young means that you miss out on some of the best life insurance rates of your life and can jeopardize the financial security of your future family.


Is There Such a Thing as a Standard Health Insurance Policy?

When shopping for low cost health insurance, life would be a lot easier if there was some sort of standard insurance policy to buy. But people have such widely varying needs and health histories that a single, “standard” policy is impossible to create. Although people tend to fall into recognizable groups as they fall sick or need treatment, there are always minor differences that should be discussed with the health insurance company before you decide on which low cost health insurance coverage to accept.


Choosing the Right Auto Insurance Company

When you are searching for auto insurance rates, finding cheap auto insurance often becomes your sole focus. But you need to do some research on the insurance companies you consider doing business with before committing to the first cheap auto insurance rate you find because if the company insuring your car is not financially sound, they may not be there to pay your claims when you need them. And even if you buy cheap auto insurance from a financially sound company, that doesn’t mean the insurance policy is right for you.