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Commercial Auto Insurance and Personal Auto Insurance

When you get an auto insurance quote, it is a good idea to determine ahead of time whether or not you need a personal auto insurance policy or a commercial auto insurance policy. These two types of policies may not be interchangeable, and having the wrong one for the type of vehicle you own and the kind of driving you do could result in claims being denied and you having to dip into personal savings to pay for accidents or injury.


Specialty Auto Insurance Coverage

Not every car can be covered with the same, basic insurance policy. Some cars, like vintage or collectible models, require special insurance coverage. You must factor this difference in before you get an auto insurance quote so that you can get the right insurance policy for your vehicle.


What Kind of Coverage do You Need?

For many people, obtaining a auto insurance quote is simply about satisfying their state’s requirements for auto insurance coverage. That means that they often just choose those coverages that their state requires-and at the minimal coverage requirement levels as well. But is that really the best decision for a auto insurance consumer to make?


Auto Insurance Requirements by State

When you are out driving your car on the busy roads of your state, you are a risk to every other driver out there. No matter how well you drive, how careful you are behind the wheel, or how often you obey traffic laws, you are a risk.


Car Insurance Coverage Options

When you get car insurance quotes there are many different car insurance coverage options you must consider. These will vary depending on your state of residence, age, car and financial situation. Some of the options are outlined below.


The Value of State Funds

There are times when financial or medical hardships make it impossible for us to get insurance coverage. There are also times when unforeseen disasters wreak more havoc than we, or our insurers, are able to pay. It is during these times that state and federal funds can step in and make all the difference.


Bundling Coverage

People are always looking for ways to save money on different types of insurance coverage. One of the most popular ways to save a little bit of green on your insurance premiums each month is to bundle your insurance coverage. Whether you are looking for home insurance quotes, auto insurance quotes, or life insurance quotes, chances are you will find much cheaper rates when you get all these policies with just one company than you will if you choose a different company for each insurance product. This process is called bundling insurance coverage.


What to Expect During Your Paramedical Exam

When you are buying either term or whole life insurance you may be asked to go through a medical exam as part of the underwriting process. This is not necessary for most young people taking out small policies, but for applicants in their 40s and 50s who want more than $100,000 in coverage it is likely you will at least need a paramedical exam. A paramedical exam is usually completed at your home or office by a licensed medical professional hired by the insurance company.