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Should You Sell Your Soul To The Insurance Company In The Pale Moonlight?

A lot of people that think the words ‘insurance’ and ‘devil’ are interchangeable, probably because they haven’t taken the time to even try and understand it.


Avoiding Over-Insurance

Super size my fast food meal? Yes please! Give me a bigger room at a luxury hotel? You betcha! A huge, luxury car instead of a tiny Smart Car? You know it! These days, no matter where you look, it seems like bigger is always better. If you can get more – then you should. But there is one area where this logic doesn’t hold, and that is in insurance.


Is it better to buy insurance or save money?

Many people, when looking for health insurance quotes or other types of insurance premium pricing information, begin to feel like they would be better off just saving their money rather than sending it to an insurance company to make a premium payment. They often feel this way because they think that the likelihood that they will actually use the insurance that they are paying for is low, so they will spend all this money on premiums and then have nothing to show for it, which leads many individuals to decide that it would be better save their money and put it into an interest-bearing account and forgo the insurance policy.


Should you be concerned about your insurer’s profitability?

These days, the news is filled with talk about life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance and health insurance company executive salaries, bonuses and profits. As you may have guessed, the profits, bonuses and salaries paid to insurance company executives are gained by the premiums that you pay each and every year.


3 Reasons Insurance Can’t Wait

When times are hard financially, there are a lot of fiscal ‘shoulds’ that you put on the backburner. Things like savings, paying off debt and insurance purchases are shifted from the ‘BUY NOW’ column to, ‘BUY LATER’. But insurance purchases aren’t actually now or later options – they are necessary expenditures that you should make now, even if you have to tighten your belt to do so. Here are 3 reasons why.


How do online quotes work?

If you want to get the best price, you need to shop around. That way, you collect prices and can find the best value. Welcome to the world of online quotes. This site opens the door to a thousand and more insurance companies and agents specializing in different types of policy in the auto, home, health and life markets.


Understanding the Difference between Term and Permanent Insurance

Before you start off on your quest to buy a life insurance policy and begin searching for online quotes, you need to understand the difference between term insurance and permanent (or “whole life”) insurance. While the terminology may seem foreign to you now, the differences are actually very easy to understand.


3 Things You Should Know About Health Insurance

If you learn nothing else about health insurance before you look for health insurance quotes online, you should learn the following three things.


Insurance and the Internet

The Internet has revolutionized the traditional insurance industry which once relied heavily on a large staff and network of agents to sell and service policies. There was a time in the industry when everything depended on paper streams passing through many different hands to achieve results. Now that this is no longer necessary-how does that affect you, the consumer?


Marketing in the insurance industry

Over the last ten years, advertizing spending rose significantly but the spend slowly shifted from the traditional print and broadcast media, to niche marketing and the internet. This general growth was fueled by competition for market share and, because the insurance industry was highly profitable, more money could be diverted to the marketing budget. Today, the level of spending cannot be maintained. In fact, it has slowed quite significantly over the last eighteen months. There are two reasons for this.