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Your Risk and the Insurance Company’s Risk

When you pay your insurance premiums month after month, it might start to feel like you are just giving money away for no good reason. And if you’ve ever had a claim denied because the damage to your property was no higher than your deductible, you might really feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick.


Picking a Car with Auto Insurance in Mind

When you buy a new automobile, not only do you have a monthly car payment to make, but you also have an insurance bill to pay. Because you know that going in, you have a glorious bit of power that you should exercise, and that power is to buy an automobile that insurance companies will love to insure so that you can get a cheap auto insurance quote.


Why an HSA Makes Sense

Health Savings Accounts are often spoken of with reverence, as though these $5,000-per year contributory accounts are the saviors of the U.S. healthcare system and can be an adequate substitute for many health insurance plans. While a $5,000 a year contribution will hardly help pay for transplants and heart surgery, these accounts should not be overlooked as a helpful tool. They do provide many benefits, if you simply know how to utilize them.


Retail Clinics

If you’ve been inside a Walgreens drug store lately, you may have noticed a little office peeking out from the wall around the pharmacy. A glance inside this office will have shown you a person in a white jacket doing things suspiciously similar to those that a doctor routinely does.


Catastrophic Insurance Coverage

Health insurance doesn’t have to be about a full, comprehensive policy. Sometimes, a policy that covers the possibility of an accident or major surgery is all that we really need. With catastrophic insurance coverage you can get this important coverage without the high premiums sometimes associated with regular health insurance policies.


How Much Deductible Should You Choose?

Choosing a deductible for your auto insurance quote might seem like an easy task, but it is actually a very big decision that should not be taken lightly-especially since your deductible has a big effect on the premium you are charged and because you must have enough money in the bank to cover it, should you have an insurable incident.