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Why Compare Quotes Online?

There are many things that each of us must do on a daily basis in order to keep up with our obligations and avoid disappointing those who are counting on us. But this level of time devotion to everyday activities can deeply impact our ability to manage our own financial affairs as thoroughly as we might like – because while you are bringing your daughter to dance class, baking cookies for your son’s school bake sale, and going grocery shopping for a sick relative all while balancing work, housework and other duties, there isn’t a lot of time left over for financial planning.


What You Need to Know Before Insuring Your Teen Driver

Getting an auto insurance quote to obtain auto insurance to cover your teen is a no brainer – after all, who wants their new driver to be out there without the benefit of insurance? But there are a few things that you should know before you get an auto insurance quote on your teen so you can save yourself a little dough.


What Kind of Coverage do You Need?

For many people, obtaining a auto insurance quote is simply about satisfying their state’s requirements for auto insurance coverage. That means that they often just choose those coverages that their state requires-and at the minimal coverage requirement levels as well. But is that really the best decision for a auto insurance consumer to make?


How Much Deductible Should You Choose?

Choosing a deductible for your auto insurance quote might seem like an easy task, but it is actually a very big decision that should not be taken lightly-especially since your deductible has a big effect on the premium you are charged and because you must have enough money in the bank to cover it, should you have an insurable incident.


Car Insurance Coverage Options

When you get car insurance quotes there are many different car insurance coverage options you must consider. These will vary depending on your state of residence, age, car and financial situation. Some of the options are outlined below.


Insurance for the Used Car

One of the things you should factor into the online auto insurance quote you receive is the type of car you drive. The age, condition, Kelley Blue Book value and replacement costs should all be considered.


Three Steps to Safer Holiday Travel

The holidays are often a time of big meals, family gatherings and increased driving. With all the drivers out on the road and all the additional time spent behind the wheel, your risk of being involved in a car accident increases dramatically. Add to this the fact that many drivers experience new distractions and driving territory that their solitary trip to work each morning does not generally include and you get a recipe for disaster.


Considering Insurance Costs before You Buy a New Car

If you are in the market for a new or used car, you need to get free online auto insurance quotes before you buy because while you can haggle with the salesperson to get a great price on the vehicle itself, you could still find yourself trapped with expensive auto insurance premiums after you’ve signed on the dotted line. Online auto insurance quotes can help you determine whether you are on the right financial path before you buy.


The Importance of Comparing Auto Insurance Rates

If you were to go shopping for an expensive new pair of boots, chances are you would not just run into a store and grab the first pair you see. Expensive boots are an item you want to carefully invest in and rely on for years to come and that means that their purchase requires some research and comparison shopping. You might compare the merits of leather and suede against manmade materials or compare care instructions and you would definitely look around and compare prices to make sure you got the best deal. So why should shopping for auto insurance rates be any different?


Is the Auto Insurance Market in Trouble?

There is no question that the world economy is in the throes of a difficult credit crunch and combined with rising commodity prices, consumer confidence is crumbling. This is having a severe affect on the auto insurance market which depends on a number of factors, like the number of vehicles sold, for its profits.