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Life Insurance Rates for Smokers

Life insurance rates are determined by your health, gender, age, weight and smoking status. An extremely healthy non-smoker might qualify for a super cheap life insurance rating class like preferred plus but a smoker might only qualify for standard smoker. Of course, like anything there are a few exceptions.

Are you considered a smoker?

Insurance applications will generally ask if you have smoked any tobacco products within the last 24 months. If you have had even just one cigar in the past year then you need to answer that question, “Yes”. For some insurers, a Yes answer could mean that you are given the same rates as a 10-pack a day smoker; but other insurers take a different approach and charge less premium for people who smoke infrequently, enabling the occasional smoker to still benefit from cheap life insurance. When you get quotes online and determine which insurers to apply for coverage with, be sure to make a note on the application that you only smoke once per year (like on New Year’s Eve) and that you would like to be considered for a lower premium.

Why not just lie?

The contract between you and the insurance company is an actual contract and it allows the company to rescind, or cancel, your policy if you have been caught lying. It is possible that an insurer may not go that far if they find you are lying and may instead simply change your rate into a smoker’s rate when the policy is confirmed.

If your policy is issued to you as a non-smoker and you die within the first two years, they may decline your claim as a result of the purposeful misrepresentation-even if your death is not related to the fact that you smoked cigarettes. That means your family would not get the money that they desperately need after your death and instead would receive only a return of premiums paid.

So make sure you are honest with your insurance company. And even if they increase the rates on your cheap life insurance policy because you are a smoker, many will also reduce them years after the policy has been issued if you provide a doctor’s note stating that you have been tobacco free for a certain number of months. They may require a urine test to confirm that there is no tobacco present, but the possibility of a smoking class designation change does exist.

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One Response to “Life Insurance Rates for Smokers”

  1. Term Life Rates says:

    Tobacco chewers and cigar smokers can get non-smoker rates with some companies, but will be considered smokers by most insurance companies.

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