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Ways to Save on Home Insurance

One of the best ways to keep your home insurance premiums low is to never have a claim against the insurance that was preventable. Sure, accidents and mother nature happen but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help reduce the number of claims you experience by reducing the risk you are exposed to. Follow some of the tips below to help you reduce your likelihood of claims and increased premiums.

Install more smoke alarms: The less time a fire has to damage your home, the less likely you will have an insurance claim. So not only can the presence of smoke detectors in your home lower your initial quoted home insurance premium but it can also reduce your likelihood of future expensive claims that increase your premiums.

Install a burglar alarm: Taking appropriate measures to discourage the theft of items from your home is a great way to save on home insurance premiums. A burglar alarm will alert you and your local police if someone attempts to break in to your home. This will allow your insurance company to offer you less expensive premiums and prevent claims that result in even higher premiums.

Avoid the flood zones: There are many areas in your town that are considered flood zones. These areas are prone to being flooded during rain storms, hurricanes and possible damn issues. While a traditional home insurance policy won’t cover you against flood damage, you will be required to buy a flood policy if you live in a flood zone and have a mortgage. Instead, simply avoid buying a home in this dangerous area and you won’t need to spend money on the policy.

Know your codes: Many homeowners will attempt to make changes to their property without going to the codes department in their city and getting a permit then getting the work inspected. But codes are developed to preserve your safety as well as the safety of your neighbors. By following the codes and getting work to your property inspected, you reduce the risk of a claim against your home insurance and help to keep the premiums low.

So there you have it. A few simple and affordable ways to keep your home insurance premiums low and reduce the likelihood of claims against your policy. Try to institute some of them today and you will go far in making your home happier, safer and less expensive to insure.

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