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Pets and your Home Insurance Rate

There’s one sneaking, creeping, crawling, biting, whimpering consideration you have probably not made when looking into your home insurance quote, and that is the impact that your pet might have on your home insurance quote. You see, depending on the type of pet you have, you may find that the price of your home insurance rates are affected by the furry little beast you call family.

Generally, most breeds of cats and dogs will not cause your home insurance rates to go up. But if you have a breed that is associated with aggression and dog bites, like a Pit Bull or Rottweiler, then you will likely experience an increase in premiums. The reason for this is because if your dog bites someone, then they can place a claim against your home insurance policy for the medical expenses caused by the treatment of the bite. They may even get some additional funds for stress and damages. By walking your dog on a leash and having a securely fenced area for the dog to play in you will reduce your likelihood of risk and may even reduce your premiums. Likewise, some exotic pets like monkeys, dingoes and sloths might carry increased premium risks. You’ll need appropriate pens and play areas to help keep your premiums down.

Another pet that may increase your home insurance premiums is a lizard or other cold-blooded creature. This may seem strange, but because you must have special warming lights and devices to keep your clod-blooded pet alive, it can increase your risk of having a fire which can increase your insurance premiums. Make sure to buy the right kind of equipment and keep it in good repair to help reduce your risk of a claim.

It is important that you disclose your pets to your home insurance company. You might think that by keeping your dangerous or risky pets a secret that you can get away without paying an increased premium. In reality, If you have a claim that is caused by these pets it will not be covered by your policy and you may even lose the policy because of your misrepresentation. It isn’t worth losing the investment you make in a home insurance policy to avoid the increased premium that certain pets can cause.

July 30, 2010

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