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Homeowners Insurance on Rental Properties

There once was a time when flipping a house was no big deal. You simply bought the second property, took a few months to redo the cosmetic damage and create the home of someone’s dreams, put it on the market for way more than you paid for it and more than you paid to fix it up, and then it sold. No muss, no fuss and, for some property flippers, no need for homeowners insurance.

But times have changed and real estate in the U.S. is not selling as it once did. While the home buying credits were in full force in early 2010, the real estate market picked up a bit, but now we are back to our normal lows. Not only that, but property values have fallen as well so you can no longer sell properties for as much money as you once could.

That means that many flippers have turned into the owners of multiple homes that they are forced to turn into rental properties so that they have some income to cover carrying costs. But now that they will own the secondary properties they purchased for years and years, they definitely need to consider some insurance.

It is not up to these new landlords to invest in home insurance that covers contents of the property. That would be the responsibility of their renters. So when you get a home insurance quote, there is no need to concern yourself with contents-but dwelling and other structures are definitely coverages you should consider. But because of the liabilities involved in renting a home out to other individuals, you need to be clear when you get your home insurance quote that the coverage is for a rental property and not for a primary residence. That way your insurance company can ensure that you get all the coverage you need for accidents, damages and insurable incidents that could be caused by your renters.

July 31, 2010

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