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What to Do Before You Have a Home Insurance Claim

Buying home insurance is just the first step in protecting your home and your family against home insurance claims. But there are many other things you should do to protect yourself before you have a claims.

  1. Take pictures: Take pictures of all your rooms. That way, if you should have a claim, it is easy to show the possessions you want reimbursement for to your claims officer. It also makes it easier to prove the condition and value of the items you own.
  2. Take necessary preventative precautions: After you buy a home insurance policy you still have some responsibility to keep your home safe and protected against insurable risks. That means you should have smoke detectors, carbon detectors, theft alarms, sandbags, appropriate locks, fire extinguishers and any other safety devices that help prevent or detect insurable events before they get out of control. This can help you avoid an insurance claim altogether. This can keep your insurance premiums low, your treasured possessions intact and your family safe.
  3. Put your documents in a fireproof safe: All of your important phone numbers, bank information, insurance documents and pictures of your rooms should be placed in a fireproof safe so they are easily accessible and safe after a fire or other incident. Because you have so many important documents in one easily accessible location, it is important that you take safety precautions against the potential theft of your safe. Make sure you put it in a hard to find location and that you make it difficult to carry out of your home. Also, be sure you choose a combination that is not obvious or based on something researchable like birthdays or anniversaries.
  4. Create an emergency plan: There is no insurance coverage that guarantees the safety of your family. This is why you must have an emergency plan that keeps everyone you care about safe during a fire, storm or other dangerous event. Be sure to have a stocked first aid kit as well as a source of non perishable food items. Always have extra bottled water in your home and create an emergency evacuation plan. Agree on a meeting place for your family members and determine what circumstances might precede your meeting there.

Remember, preparedness is your friend in an emergency or dangerous situation, and you can never be over-prepared. Take the time to protect your family and home against peril and you will be grateful you did.

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