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Protecting Your Most Valued Investment

When you look over your life, the odds are that buying a home will prove to be the single biggest investment you’ll make. As a homeowner, you need to protect the money you have tied up in that dwelling and the personal property it contains. Your first action in protecting these hard-earned assets is to get home insurance quotes.

What Incidents Do Home Insurance Policies Cover?

The usual events covered by the policies you receive home insurance quotes for include damage from:

  • storms (that’s “ordinary” wind and rain, lightening, etc. – but watch out for the terms that get written in if you live in states prone to flooding, hurricanes or tornados)
  • ice and snow (including frozen pipes)
  • fire and smoke
  • theft

If you live in an area at risk from earthquake or flooding, there may be special coverage available that you need to get separate home insurance quotes for. You can usually find this information out when you ask questions before you buy the house; because flood insurance can be extremely difficult to get and expensive to carry in some areas, make sure that you do not buy a home without factoring in this expense.

Home insurance quotes can also include the cost of carrying personal liability coverage. If someone comes into your home and is injured, you could face a claim. With medical expenses rising fast, you personal liability coverage is a much more affordable option to protect you against this kind of risk.

Read the Fine Print

Initially, you will probably get online home insurance quotes on standard policies which cover you against damage to the building(s) and to most of the contents. But you need to read all the fine print to find out exactly what kind of damage is covered. You may think your home insurance quotes are good in the event of a sinkhole or hurricane, but a quick scan at the fine print may show that you need a separate policy for these coverages. It’s in your interests to spend the time necessary to read policies before you buy one. That way you understand exactly what protection you are getting. If there is any doubt, ask someone at the insurance company for an explanation. It’s far better to get everything clear before you commit to the policy-and waiting until your first insurable incident occurs will be too late.

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