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Your Health versus Insurance Rates

Your current and past health history is the most important consideration to a health insurer’s underwriting department when determining what to charge you for your policy and whether or not to issue a policy at all. That means that the illnesses you have suffered, injuries you have endured and medications you are taking will affect your health insurance quotes. But why should your health affect the rates for your health insurance policy?

Health insurance pays for many things including illnesses, injuries from accidents and preventative treatments. But health insurance also pays for those medical expenses associated with a long, ongoing illness that you contracted before buying your most recent policy. If you buy a health insurance policy today, chances are good that the insurance company will incur many charges that result from the illnesses you already have. Because of this, your health insurance quotes are going to add additional premium that compensates for this likelihood. And even if you haven’t had an illness but a family member of yours has, then you are going to face a higher premium because the likelihood of you having a similar health profile to your relatives is high.

Also playing a part in your health insurance quote is your age, your gender and your weight. Like your health history and your family’s health history, you age, weight and gender all work together to make you more or less likely to suffer from certain illnesses. If you are overweight, then you are a likely candidate for expensive health problems like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer and more. That means your health insurance company is more likely to pay out more money for your health insurance claims. Because they realize this, they can charge additional premiums to help hedge against the greater claims that you will bring them.

That is why it is so important to make sure that you are in good health before you begin to obtain health insurance quotes. If you are then you can get affordable quotes that you can sustain.

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