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3 Things You Should Know About Health Insurance

If you learn nothing else about health insurance before you look for health insurance quotes online, you should learn the following three things.

1. Insurance is a mixed bag of motives: Whenever you tune into politics, there’s always someone talking about the state of health insurance. No matter whom you hear on the subject, one thing is clear: Whether you’re looking at the federal system or private coverage, every element of medical costs is going up faster than the cost of inflation. Why is that? Well, it’s the mixture of the public service and profit motives. The pharmaceutical industry is committed to maximizing the dividends for stockholders, private hospitals and the insurance companies rely on private capital from investors who always want a return on money invested, and health providers want to heal people but also want a reasonable salary for the time they spend training for and working in their profession. The consequence of all this is that health care premiums have been going up very quickly.

More people are forced into gambling with their own health because both the medical insurance premiums and the treatments themselves no longer seem affordable. Many cannot afford preventative measures and wait until their conditions have worsened to an emergency so the hospitals will then treat them.

If it all seems hopeless, don’t worry-it isn’t. There are still affordable health insurance policies available. Simply look at the health insurance quotes you get online from multiple insurers and you are bound to find something that fits your budget.

2. PPOs and HMOs are the two most popular types of health insurance coverage available. HMOs and PPOs are considered managed care plans. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) offer access to a very limited network of physicians and hospitals and provide no benefit when services are used outside of this network (some emergency exceptions can be made). Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) also have a network of physicians and facilities their insured’s can visit, but they are not as restrictive as HMOs when out-of-network physicians are seen. Generally, health insurance quotes for PPOs are more expensive than they are for HMOs.

3. You can choose the coverage you need when you get health insurance quotes. Whichever kind of plans you look at when you get your health insurance quotes, make sure it will give you the coverage you really need. Before you commit to a policy, you can find out what prescription drugs are included; how often can you see your physician and what level of co-payments are involved. Don’t be afraid to look after your family’s interests and make sure the plan you choose is good value.

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