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Should You Sell Your Soul To The Insurance Company In The Pale Moonlight?
Do You Need a Trust?
How much life insurance do I need?
How do I get a life insurance policy that offers the best value for my money?
Should my spouse and I have separate life insurance coverage?

Should you be concerned about your insurer’s profitability?

These days, the news is filled with talk about life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance and health insurance company executive salaries, bonuses and profits. As you may have guessed, the profits, bonuses and salaries paid to insurance company executives are gained by the premiums that you pay each and every year.

But a lot more happens with your premium that just salaries and profits. Your premiums work toward advertising, financially securing the company against claims, creating reserves that pay for claims, paying agent commissions, paying the salaries of customer service representatives and other employees and developing better technical systems and new policy types.

So should you be concerned about the profitability of your insurance company? As with any business, profit is needed to keep an insurance company afloat. Profit is necessary to keep employees paid that provide continued servicing of your policy, to pay the claims of policyholders and make good on the benefits and promises made on your policy.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to be comfortable with an insurance company that pays its employees bonuses that you find unreasonable. When you shop for insurance and check on your insurer’s financial stability on AM Best, you can take another step and do a little research about the bonuses and salaries paid to its executives. By reviewing an insurance company’s annual statement and form 10-k, you can get a sense of how the insurance company is spending its money. When you do, you can determine whether or not you are comfortable with its choices, profit and reinvestments before you decide to buy an insurance policy through them. Remember, it’s your money and your premium; if you don’t feel comfortable with an insurance company, you don’t have to spend your money with them – there are plenty others to choose from.

November 9, 2010

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