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Talking about Life Insurance with Your Partner

Last week, we sent out a link on our Twitter account (Are you following us, @InsuranceHits? Please do, we look forward to talking with you!) to an article that noted that 74 percent of couples rarely, or even never, talk about life insurance. You can read the study results here.

As difficult as it can be, talking to your partner about life insurance is extremely important. When you don’t, you leave each other with little to no preparation in the event of death and you could be setting each other up for financial ruin. Here are a few tips to help make the talk easier:

  1. Set a date and time. Life insurance may not be a topic that you want to simply spring on your partner. Instead, set a date and time when you both will agree to talk about it. That allows you each to get prepared.
  2. Write down what you want to say. If talking about life insurance and the possibility of death make you nervous, then write down everything you want to say during your meeting about life insurance with your partner. That way, you don’t have to worry about trying to remember everything when you have the talk.
  3. Don’t talk about the meaning of life. At its core, life insurance is simply a product that supplements a lost income. That’s it. It’s not a religious, emotional or spiritual item any more than your car or home insurance are. So don’t make more out of the topic that is necessary. Talk about needs and plans that will follow the death of each of you and then try and choose the type of policy that will fulfill those needs and fits your budget.

October 2, 2010

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