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Specialty Auto Insurance Coverage

Not every car can be covered with the same, basic insurance policy. Some cars, like vintage or collectible models, require special insurance coverage. You must factor this difference in before you get an auto insurance quote so that you can get the right insurance policy for your vehicle.

An auto insurance quote is generally given for a standard automobile. The amount of the quote is determined by the limits, deductibles and coverages you choose as well as your driving experience and record. But with a classic car you have special insurance needs. The value of your car might exceed the limits of a traditional auto insurance policy. In addition, you might not drive many miles on the vintage vehicle and could be entitled to discounts.

Since many collectible vehicles lack the safety measures of newer vehicles, like airbags and automatic seatbelts, specialty auto insurance coverage can ensure that you are not overcharged for this. In addition, specialty auto insurance coverage can ensure that you are given total replacement value for your car, as long as you are insured to that level. Since collectible cars can have a value that far exceeds that of a normal vehicle, this difference can be significant.

Car collectors rarely stick to just one collectible vehicle. Some specialty auto insurance companies can offer breaks in coverage if you cover more than one collectible vehicle. These breaks (or discounts) can be significant since this coverage is expensive.

Lastly, special auto insurance coverage gives you access to insurance assessors who understand how to value the special vehicle you’ve purchased insurance for. When you have a claim, this is a significant difference.

August 9, 2010

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