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Mississippi Insurance Guide

Mississippi shares a tiny little piece of the Gulf of Mexico with Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida but it is a state unto itself when it comes to insurance regulations.

Mississippi Auto Insurance

This no-fault state does not require either uninsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection (PIP). Mississippi auto insurance regulations do, however, require both bodily injury liability and property damage liability of all drivers. The minimum coverage requirements are $25,000 for a single-person injury, $50,000 for a multiple person injury and $25,000 for property damage.

Mississippi Health Insurance

Mississippi health insurance regulations do not require insurers to issue individual policies without pre-existing conditions exclusions. In order to provide some recourse to those denied coverage, the state does have a high-risk pool. They also allow state income tax deductions for contributions to health savings accounts (HSAs).

Group insurance policies can be issued to groups as small as one-person on a guaranteed issue basis if the self-employed individual is not eligible or any other coverage. Otherwise, pre-existing conditions can be excluded for those individuals in the group who have had a 63 day or longer break in coverage over the past 6 months. The exclusion can last as long as 12 months. Small group rates in Mississippi are restricted by rate bands.

Mississippi Home Insurance

Mississippi home insurance customers just got a new insurer competing for their business in the state. Luckily this will help to reduce insurance costs in a state that is particularly prone to both damaging tornadoes and hurricanes. So while Mississippi home insurance may not be required by your regulators, it is not an asset protection that should be overlooked.

Mississippi Life Insurance

In 1985, Mississippi life insurance regulators created the Mississippi Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association to offer protection to those individuals whose insurers had become insolvent and unable to pay their claims. The association pays up to $300,000 for Mississippi life insurance death benefits and $100,000 for cash surrender values.

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