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Insurance for Recreational Vehicles

When people think of auto insurance, they often think only of the cars they drive every day, or the cars their newly licensed teens drive and how those definitely need coverage. But what about all the recreational vehicles we own? From snowmobiles to boats, wave runners to campers, there are a ton of recreational vehicles that all need to have some liability and replacement insurance coverage on them.

While a traditional auto insurance policy won’t always cover these specialty vehicles, the auto insurance companies that you get auto insurance quotes from usually will under a different type of policy. It might be considered a watercraft or recreational policy, but you can generally find this information when you look for traditional auto insurance coverage.

You might think that your limited use of the recreational vehicles you own makes it unnecessary to even bother with insurance, but you really need to rethink that stance. Recreational vehicles are often involved in accidents, injury and property damage. Sometimes, that’s the result of the user’s inexperience in handling a vehicle they don’t use often. Other times, it results from the fact that recreational vehicles often canvass unfamiliar and slightly dangerous terrain like water and snowy embankments.

There’s no point in ruining what can be a perfectly fun weekend by having an accident in your snowmobile and realizing that you have no insurance coverage to pay for medical treatment or the replacement/ repair of the craft. Instead, when you compare auto insurance rates, look into the appropriate coverage for your recreational vehicles as well. Balance out your deductible and limits to help create a monthly premium you can afford, then go forth and have fun!

March 15, 2011

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