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Expecting Home Insurance Premium Increases

The tornadoes the Midwest is currently experiencing are scary and dangerous. Unfortunately, they also aren’t something that a homeowner can really guard him or herself against. While building code compliance can ensure that you are less likely to lose your roof in a fierce storm, tornadoes are so destructive that often, there is absolutely no offensive measure for a homeowner to take.

While clean up, loss and insurance claims are all expected after effects of tornadoes and other storms, there is another after effect that is generally felt by more individuals that those who actually had storm or tornado damage and that is: premium increases upon renewal.

Many southern and coastal state residents deal with this after a busy hurricane season. Even those who have not had a claim will often feel the pinch of universally increased home insurance premiums. Analysts are not expecting home insurance rates to jump too substantially next year, but since we are just now getting into hurricane season, the combined damages faced by insurers could definitely have a significant impact on future rates.

To guard against this risk, it is important that you compare home insurance rates every year instead of just accepting your current insurer’s renewal premium rates. In addition, you can stay abreast of code changes and building material improvements so as you renovate your home’s roof, windows and storm shutters, you can get the most sturdy and protective materials out there.

Lastly, it is important that you monitor rebuilding expenses in your area as well as the value of the contents of your home. This will ensure that you keep reasonable limits on your home insurance policy instead of paying for protection you don’t need or not getting all the insurance you could actually use.

June 1, 2011

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