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Dwelling versus Other Structures

If you pick up your home insurance policy some lazy Sunday or if you get a home insurance quote then you will notice you can get home insurance on both your dwelling and on your “other structures.” Typically in a home insurance policy, other structures refers to any building or structure that does not share a foundation with your home.

Other Structures: Sheds and Detached Garages

An attached garage would be considered part of your dwelling because it is attached to your home and shares a foundation. But if you have a detached garage then it is unlikely that the foundation from your home is the same foundation used for the garage, which means your detached garage is an other structure. Likewise, any sheds, pool houses or other buildings on your property are other structures.

Other… Other Structures

Another things that can be considered under the other structures portion of your policy is your fence. This structure has no foundation but is not considered property by your policy but instead, is another structure. Likewise, a tree house or children’s play house would be considered an other structure.


If you have a detached garage or other out-building on your property and you run a business out of the building then it may be exempted by your policy. Check with your insurer, but you may need an occupational license, property rezoning and a special commercial insurance policy to cover other structures that you do business in. It is especially important to find out whether additional insurance is necessary if you have equipment in your office space, as this too might not be covered under your regular homeowners insurance policy.

July 3, 2010

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