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Tips for Working with Customer Service

There will come a time when you need to contact the customer service department of your health insurance company, whether it is because you have a question about what your policy covers or because you need a precertification for a medical procedure. But having all your ducks in a row before you call is a good idea because it will help your phone call go smoother and ensure that you get the information you need in just one phone call – because calling an insurance company 2 or more times in one day probably isn’t on anyone’s list of fun activities.

Have your policy ready

Before you call your insurance company, make sure you have your policy at hand. You will need to give the customer service individual your policy number and he or she may refer to parts of your policy when explaining your benefits to you.

Be prepared to answer personal questions

Before the customer service representatives will talk to you about your policy, you must verify some personal information that only you would know, like your social security number. While you might think this rule is too restrictive, it protects your privacy and ensures that the insurance company doesn’t accidentally give out sensitive information to someone you wouldn’t want to have it.

Send in a power of attorney for anyone else you want to be able to call

If you’d like to allow one of your family members the permission to call and ask questions about your health insurance policy, then you should have a power of attorney on file with the insurance company with the individual you want to be able to call as the power of attorney. If you aren’t comfortable with that, then you might call the insurance company and find out what proprietary authorization forms are required for this.

January 31, 2011

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