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Choosing Auto Insurance Based on a Fancy Commercial

On Twitter, it sometimes seems like all anyone can talk about is the latest spate of insurance commercials and man, with all the choices out there it’s an endless conversation. Progressive has its Flo commercials, Allstate has the funny mayhem spots, and Geico – the most multiple personalitied of all insurance companies – has the cavemen, the Twilight Zone spoofs, the gecko and the cartoon movies.

Some of these commercials are very funny. My personal favorites are the mayhem commercials, which have a sardonic twist that always makes me laugh. And while you might have your own personal favorite auto insurance commercial, it is important that you not pick an auto insurance policy based on the commercial that the insurance company puts out there.

It’s nice that ad agencies and marketing departments are trying to develop advertising materials that inform and entertain, but that doesn’t mean that the insurance policies offered by one company producing great commercials are a better choice for you than another company that isn’t. So rather than make your choice based on commercials, compare the costs of all auto insurance companies before you buy a policy. Check on the rates and compare the coverage options you get with each rate. Be sure to make sure you have chosen comparable limits and deductibles when you compare rates, and look to see if the deductibles and limits are reasonable for the claims expenses you are likely to endure. You should also take a moment to look at the AM best ratings of each insurer before you choose in order to see if one is more financially stable than another.

Enjoying a commercial is one thing; buying insurance is another. Don’t confuse the laugh out loud talent of some commercial writers with a representation of quality in an insurance company.

March 2, 2011

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