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Bed Bugs and Homeowners Insurance

In case you haven’t heard, bedbugs are making a resurgence. And unlike other bug infestations, bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. Because these insects are insidious, families can spend as much as $5,000 getting rid of just one infestation, and may need to replace furniture and linens on top of that.

Like other pest problems, a bed bug infestation is not covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Any damage done by the bedbugs to your property, contents, walls or other areas will not qualify for any kind of claims payment from your homeowners insurance policy. Additionally, any expense you face to get rid of them and prevent them from causing damage to your home is uncovered – like all preventative maintenance needs your home has.

The reason for this is that bed bugs are not considered an insurable event. Like cockroaches and rats, they are preventable through routine maintenance and careful monitoring when traveling. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to take whatever actions and precautions are necessary to reduce the risk of a bed bug outbreak in your home.

Many apartment dwellers are feeling the pinch of bed bug infestations as well. Like homeowners, bed bug damage and removal is not covered under a renter’s insurance policy. It is also unlikely that your landlord’s policy will cover damages, although your landlord may be liable to reimburse you for damages and pay for removal expenses.

Although your policy may not cover your expenses, it is still important that you take the time and resources necessary to get rid of any infestations. The damage they can do to your possessions, your home and your spirit are too great to risk.

August 30, 2010

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