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Am I The Only One That Thinks Auto Insurance Rates Are Freaking Ridiculous?!

Alright, I understand that everybody is out to make money and that nobody’s goal is to work just because it gives them an unbelievable warm fuzzy feeling inside.

With that said, where do you draw the line between making money and robbing? How much is too much? What is fair?

You guessed it, I’m a little peeved right now because I feel like I’m in handcuffs…and not the fun kind!

Now I will be the first to admit that my driving record isn’t perfect but it’s not a walking time-bomb either. I had a minor accident when I was 16, that’s twenty something years ago. There have been a few speeding tickets that I wasn’t able to work my way out of. I blame it on the cop being female.

But my record was pretty good until my major accident. Essentially I was hit by a 3/4 ton truck, as I was unable to stop at an intersection in a snowstorm. I remember my first conversation with my insurance adjuster very clearly, assuring me not to worry about anything because ‘they would take care of me,’ just before I blacked out.

Prior to the accident I was paying approximately $125 monthly for my auto insurance protection. After this single accident I was dropped from my insurance company, conveniently just a few days before my policy would officially be cancelled.

I do know that if your auto insurance coverage lapses for any reason, it makes it difficult to get a good rate or even find an insurance company to take you on.

‘Luck’ was on my side and I did manage to find an insurance company that could sign me up before the clock hit midnight and I turned into a pumpkin. And here’s the catch. My new rate is $249 per month! What the @$#%?

I had one accident in questionable weather conditions, where there were no other expenses except fixing the vehicles. I have paid religiously to the insurance company for twenty something years, with only one minor accident back when poufy hair and tye-dye pants were in!

This is where the handcuffs come into play. Along with most of the world, I really can’t function without a car and hence auto insurance becomes a staple. Same as if you’ve got a house, you need home insurance.

So lucky for you, I’m done whining and I’ve learned a tough lesson.

Unfortunately when your chips are down, don’t count on your auto insurance company to ‘take care of you.’ Never forget that they (your insurance adjuster) are doing their job and that depends in large part on how much money they can make and save their insurance company.

My advice…keep one eye on the road and the other on your insurance company at all times!

July 19, 2011

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2 Responses to “Am I The Only One That Thinks Auto Insurance Rates Are Freaking Ridiculous?!”

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  2. Highlights: Branch has all the prerequisite skills to be dangerous in the Raiders’ blitzing/zone coverage scheme

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