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Auto Claim DENIED…WTH!!!

Am I the only one frustrated here?

It’s a classic catch-22 here. You need to drive a vehicle in order to survive, yet you can’t afford to because your insurance company has decided to put your rates through the roof. Yes, your insurance company has done this. Not the government or anybody else. It is each separate insurance company that decides what rate they are going to charge you, based on their mood of the day. Not fair, but since when did that matter?

So you forego feeding your family for a week or two and manage to find a few dollars left on your credit card to pay your outrageous auto insurance bill. You really can’t afford your car insurance but you can’t afford the alternatives either.

  1. You don’t bother with auto insurance and you get caught driving without insurance. If this happens you’re family will have nothing to eat for the rest of them month!
  2. You don’t bother with auto insurance and end up in an accident. If that’s the case you will need to sign over the deed to your house as a start.

Let’s say you paid your premium, you were in an accident and you were denied coverage (yes, you were having a very bad day!). Don’t give up hope as there are a few things you can do.

First off, your insurance company has a legal and contractual obligation to quickly and fairly settle your auto insurance claim. You can:

  • Write back and prove to the insurance company that they made a mistake. (Of course you will have to provide documentation of their mistake).
  • You can plead your case to the State Insurance Commissioner. (Good luck with this one).
  • You can throw the legal darts at them and get a lawyer to send them a letter regarding your situation. (If you’re lucky this might miraculously refresh their memory).
  • More legal darts. You can try suing the insurance company for breach of contract, bad faith or any other violation that might work for you. (Can you say ‘deep pockets?’).
  • There’s no denying it, auto insurance is often frustrating but you really don’t have a choice here. You are required by law to have insurance on your vehicle and you are just plain stupid not to protect yourself.

    My advice is to shop around. Compare prices and get the best auto insurance rate possible by getting quotes. Take the time to research what sort of rates are available to you and why. You might as well make the best out of a depressing situation.

    Maybe you should think of it this way. You’ve got to lug your heavy pack on the hike just in case you need something. So why not forget about the inevitable and focus on the beautiful day!

July 1, 2011

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