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Picking a Car with Auto Insurance in Mind

When you buy a new automobile, not only do you have a monthly car payment to make, but you also have an insurance bill to pay. Because you know that going in, you have a glorious bit of power that you should exercise, and that power is to buy an automobile that insurance companies will love to insure so that you can get a cheap auto insurance quote.

Consideration 1: Easy to repair

Instead of choosing an expensive foreign model with fussy repair requirements, choose a classic model that is easy to repair. As an added benefit, these models are generally less expensive, requiring lower auto insurance limits. Also, since many of these models tend to have aggressive speed capabilities, they are higher risk.

Consideration 2: Safety measures

The less risk you offer an insurer, the less costly your insurance policy will be. One of the risks that an insurer takes on when insuring you is the risk of bodily injury. Airbags, anti-lock brakes, automatic seatbelts and daytime running lights are all relatively standard safety measures that will reduce your insurance expenses. Side airbags, rearview cameras and other electronic notification measures are newer methods of ensuring safety that an insurance company will look kindly on.

Consideration 3: Anti-theft and recovery measures

A car with a car alarm or locking steering wheel reduces the risk that your car will be stolen, which means your insurance company is less likely to have to pay for the theft of your car. A service like OnStar can increase the chances that your vehicle will be recovered if it does happen to be stolen.

The Next Step

Once you have done your research, test drove some possible car choices and narrowed down your options to a vehicle that is cheaper to insure, it is time to get your cheap auto insurance quote. When you do, don’t just get the quote from one company. Instead, compare the auto insurance quotes of multiple insurance companies so that you know you get the cheapest coverage possible. Make sure you think about any discounts you might be entitled to and that those are factored into the quote.

Don’t Scrimp Just to Save

One final note about making sure that you secure that cheap auto insurance quote; it is important that you don’t choose a super low limit and super high deductible in order to save money on your monthly auto insurance premium. While it might sound smart to choose a high deductible, if you actually have an insurable incident, that high deductible could stand between you and getting your car back on the road. And the same goes for high limits – if you don’t insure your car for what it is worth and opt for bodily injury liability limits that could actually pay real costs for a possible injury, the difference is going to come out of your pocket, whether you can afford it or not.

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