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Choosing the Right Auto Insurance Company

When you are searching for auto insurance rates, finding cheap auto insurance often becomes your sole focus. But you need to do some research on the insurance companies you consider doing business with before committing to the first cheap auto insurance rate you find because if the company insuring your car is not financially sound, they may not be there to pay your claims when you need them. And even if you buy cheap auto insurance from a financially sound company, that doesn’t mean the insurance policy is right for you.

Cheap Isn’t the Only Factor

It is not a good idea to simply buy the cheapest auto insurance policy you can find. As with everything else, you get what you pay for. You should be looking for affordable auto insurance coverage; reasonable coverage at a price that isn’t going to break the bank from a company that handles claims efficiently and fairly.

Researching Your Company

Just as the insurance company is going to check you out and see whether you have any tickets hidden away in your records, you should do the same to the insurance companies that give you cheap auto insurance quotes. Insurance rating companies like A.M. Best are charged with the responsibility of determining the financial strength of an insurer. You can visit their website to determine the likelihood that your insurance company will be able to pay your claims.

Every state has a Department of Insurance responsible for licensing and regulating the insurers in your state. Before you commit to the company offering your cheap auto insurance rates you can visit your state’s department of insurance website to check the company’s licensing status and profile. If you have a complaint, you can also register it on the site. Since there are always two sides to every story and each complaint must be investigated before it is ruled on you may not find out about investigations that are pending against your proposed insurer.

Word of Mouth

Choosing a good insurance company doesn’t mean just choosing one with cheap auto insurance, it also means choosing one that has a no-hassle reputation. Ask your friends, family members and colleagues to see what experience they have with the company you are considering. If you have time, it is also worth talking to your local body shops to find out which companies have a good reputation for handling claims and paying out quickly for repairs. Cheap auto insurance rates are useless if the company doesn’t pay the claims in a timely manner and makes you jump through hoops in order to get the coverage you have been paying for.

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