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Keeping Auto Insurance Premiums Low

If you’ve recently gotten an auto insurance premium quote and are happy with the amount you need to pay for the policy, then pat yourself on the back for being a good driver – because that probably has a great deal to do with your rate.

But your work isn’t over yet – because while you may have a great, low rate to pay this year, any number of little driving mistakes could work to increase the premium you must pay next year when the policy renews.

Avoiding Rate Increases

Some rate increases are unavoidable – like those that are spread amongst all policyholders equally rather than being determined by policyholder-specific data. Other rate increases have to do with age and marital status – things you either can’t help or don’t want to enter into solely based on how they affect your premium.

The last group of rate increases occurs as a direct result of your driving habits, and these are completely avoidable. In order to maintain inexpensive rates, try the following.

Don’t drive tired. Driving tired increases the likelihood that you will have an accident that is your fault – which will raise your auto insurance rates. Make sure you get a good night’s rest before any long drives and that you stop for frequent breaks. If you find yourself needing to drive while tired, consider taking a walk first or getting a hotel room to rest before you get behind the wheel.

Don’t drive while distracted. Whether it’s your cell phone, children, coffee or newspaper, you should not drive while you are paying attention to other things. Pay attention to the road ahead of you and the other drivers so that you can help avert accidents and ensure that you don’t cause them. Driving should be your priority while you are doing it.

Take a defensive driving class. Not only can a defensive driving class give you discounts on your auto insurance premium, it can also help you learn to drive better and react to potential accidents in a way that minimizes the likelihood that there even is an accident. Between the discounts and the better driving, these classes are worth their weight in gold.

Keep up with car repair. When you bring your car in for a tune-up, your mechanic doesn’t just change your filters and oil, he or she actually looks at the state of your tires and windshield wipers – things that need to be in good repair in order to help you avoid accidents. In addition, your mechanic can also look for things that are getting ready to break and could leave you stranded if they break down while you’re driving.

It is up to you to keep your driving safe and responsible in order to avoid accidents in which you are at fault. Not only will this help you keep your auto insurance rates low, but it will also keep your life simpler since you won’t have to deal with all the fall-out that an accident entails.

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