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The Importance of Comparing Auto Insurance Rates

If you were to go shopping for an expensive new pair of boots, chances are you would not just run into a store and grab the first pair you see. Expensive boots are an item you want to carefully invest in and rely on for years to come and that means that their purchase requires some research and comparison shopping. You might compare the merits of leather and suede against manmade materials or compare care instructions and you would definitely look around and compare prices to make sure you got the best deal. So why should shopping for auto insurance rates be any different?

Make a List

When you decide to shop around for auto insurance rates, the first thing you need to do is decide exactly what kind of coverage you want. Perhaps you can make do with the local state minimums or, depending on the value of your vehicle, maybe you want coverage that covers any possible insurable incident and gives you peace of mind. No matter what you want or don’t want, make a clear list that names these items.

Understand How Auto Insurance Rates are Determined

Recently the Californian courts finally put a stop to zip code quoting. That means the insurance companies in California can only give you auto insurance rates based on your car, coverage and driving history rather than the area you live in so if you’ve been driving carefully and safely for a number of years and have had no tickets, you’ll pay less. Understanding these practices for your state will help you make sure that the auto insurance rates you are quoted are valid and developed properly.

Know Your Discounts

Discounts can make a very big difference in the amount of the auto insurance rates you are quoted. Make sure you are aware of all the safety features of your car, anti-theft devices you have and any other features that could impact the cost of your insurance coverage. This will help you take advantage of every possible insurance discount when you shop for auto insurance rates.

Shop Around

Now that you know what kind of coverage you want and what type of discounts you qualify for, it is time to begin comparing the auto insurance rates of multiple companies. There are likely more than a hundred insurers licensed to sell policies in your state and the easiest way to compare auto insurance rates is to use an online quoting system. Never ever make a big financial decision on the basis of one quote. With internet sites able to give you free online quotes from multiple insurers, get as many quotes as you possibly can before making up your mind.

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