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What You Need to Know Before Insuring Your Teen Driver

Getting an auto insurance quote to obtain auto insurance to cover your teen is a no brainer – after all, who wants their new driver to be out there without the benefit of insurance? But there are a few things that you should know before you get an auto insurance quote on your teen so you can save yourself a little dough.

  1. Insuring your teen on your auto policy may offer some breaks: If you already have an auto insurance policy, you could get some breaks in the insurance premium if you cover your teen driver on your policy with you.
  2. The older the car, the cheaper the policy: Insuring your teen is not going to be cheap-they are inexperienced and present a high risk to your insurer. But if you buy your teen an older model vehicle, you can get some breaks since the value of the vehicle is less and you can choose lower limits.
  3. Driving courses matter: The more driving courses you make your teen take, the less expensive your policy can be. Make sure they take classes in school and look for other courses offered around your community.
  4. Distance matters: If you are going to let your teen drive themselves back and forth to school each day, then you may be facing some steep insurance premiums. Instead, only allow them to drive occasionally. This reduces the amount of time they spend on the road, reduces the insurance company’s risk and potentially reduces your premiums.
  5. Grades matter: Some insurance companies offer discounts to teen drivers with good grades. If this is the case with your insurance company, then you could save as much as 20% on the premium you pay. You might wonder what your teen’s grades have to do with his or her driving. They really have no direct correlation, but many insurers assume that a teen who takes their education seriously is better equipped to take driving seriously and will be a lower risk.

No matter how expensive it is to properly insure your teen driver. The choice to do so is a no-brainer. Teens have little experience driving and learning how to react in a dangerous driving situation. Insurance can help them weather the storm before they gain that experience.

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