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Three Steps to Safer Holiday Travel

The holidays are often a time of big meals, family gatherings and increased driving. With all the drivers out on the road and all the additional time spent behind the wheel, your risk of being involved in a car accident increases dramatically. Add to this the fact that many drivers experience new distractions and driving territory that their solitary trip to work each morning does not generally include and you get a recipe for disaster. That is why it is important for every driver to take certain steps before they take their family and their cars out on the road for the holidays.

Step 1: Get a Tune Up

Some drivers never think to send their vehicles to the mechanic for routine maintenance before setting out on a long holiday drive. Just because your car runs fine on short trips to the grocery store does not mean it is safe to take on a long interstate trip. Precautionary time in a repair shop will reduce the risk of an engine or tire blow-out, an overheating or any other mechanical mishap. So be sure to have your mechanic give your car a quick once over as well as a tune up and oil change before you head out on your trip.

Step 2: Review Your Policy

Before you leave, make sure you review your auto insurance policy documents. There are many things you should look for during this review, including:

  • Take a look at your deductibles and limits. Since your risk of an auto accident is increased during holiday driving, make sure you can actually afford to pay the deductibles in your current policy and that the limits are high enough to make you whole if your car is totaled.
  • If you plan to share driving duties with another adult make sure you are insured for more than one named driver.
  • If you are renting a car or borrowing from a family member make sure your auto insurance covers you while driving another person’s vehicle.

If you find any uncovered risk or under-insured areas, now is the time to get some free auto insurance quotes.

Step 3: Get Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Now that you can get free car insurance quotes online it is easier than ever to upgrade your insurance coverage before you embark on that holiday driving. Make sure your free car insurance quotes include premium prices for lower deductibles, higher limits, expanded personal liability and other coverages. Remember, these are free car insurance quotes-it can’t hurt to find out whether or not you can afford deluxe coverage.

One thing you will notice as you get your free car insurance quotes is that the premiums are lower when you raise your deductibles and lower your limits. This is because you reduce the insurance company’s window of risk when you agree to take on more of the financial burden of an insurable incident. The insurance you buy after reviewing your free car insurance quotes should not necessarily be the cheapest insurance you can find but it should be the right insurance to protect your family’s bottom line during the holidays and beyond.

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